Middle of Summer

(Written on my phone on the exact day but posting now since my blog didn’t officially exist yet)

Today is the middle of summer. Exactly the middle point between the two solstice. I feel like we are really just starting to get summer. Honestly I don’t mind it. I had goal about what I wanted to do this summer-camping, swimming, amusement park, walk more, work on my yard. Those were the things I wanted to accomplish. The first part of summer was rainy so couldn’t do that. I could barely mow! I had to do it between the raindrops, I love that song and if you haven’t heard it you should give it a listen. Then it just got too hot and I don’t handle heat well, I get shaky and tired and grouchy. Oh do I get grouchy! I really don’t mean to it just happens. I screamed at my husband because I didn’t know what I wanted to ear one day. I was hot and tired and hungry and nothing sounded good. I shouldn’t have been so upset but I was.

Anyway, so I haven’t accomplished much on my goal list. I have gone swimming a few times now. I took my best friend to Warsaw and went lake hopping. We went to all three lakes and built sand castles and had a blast. I’ll write another post on that with fun pictures.

Colton and I went to the South Bend Potawatomi Zoo on a super hot day. I’m glad we did because the following week Flash the tiger did. Poor old guy!

So anyway, the summer is half over and I have accomplished next to nothing on my list. I want to go camping but I want to wait til it’s cooler. The idea of being super hot and sweaty in the middle of the woods with no fan doesn’t appeal to me plus you can’t enjoy the campfire. Summer isn’t technically over til September and it will be cooler then so we will see!

Until next time!