So what is this all about anyway?

So what is this all about anyway?

I have been actively thinking about a blog for about a year now and writing posts in my head and on my phone since April.

When I have been doing things such as going on trips I take photos with me and think of things to say to describe my trip.

When I try a new recipe, which I try to do once a week, I take pictures and make little tweaks to it and think of what to write about it-how it turned out, what tweaks and substitutions I made if any. Would I make it again? Would I recommend it? Etc.

I have started more actively doing crafts and documenting them with photos and I want to share more. I am a crafter with good intentions and I have a lot of things stashed away for “a craft I’m going to do” My hope is that this blog will push me to do more so that I can share them and also just allow me to get more artsy.

I want to write about being a wife. I have been married for almost 6 years, our anniversary is September 27th and there is still so much I need to learn! I want to share about my relationship with Colton and also how I have learned to be a good wife when I didn’t have a direct married role model.

I’ll be sharing about my PCOS and how it affects me and those close to me.

I am a complex woman and I think that it might help to share what I want to talk about. I have a lot to say and not many people to say it to because I’m sure my husband is really tired of hearing me go on and on about the same stuff. He is very supportive and for that I am grateful but I know he gets tired of hearing about my womanly issues because he doesn’t know what’s going on 100 percent and he surely doesn’t know how to fix it and that has got to be frustrating.

I don’t know how many people will read this, if any, but I want to put it out there anyway so I might as well start somewhere!

Until next time!


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