Make it Monday: Guacamole

I have never made guacamole before and I just recently tried the pre made stuff and quite enjoyed it. Aldi had avocados on sale for 49 cents each which is the best price I’ve seen for them. If you haven’t checked out Aldi what are you waiting for?! That’s a whole other long post for another time. Back to the guac. I searched for a simple easy recipe and I found one on All Recipes. It was basic and simple and made quite a lot! Recipe Here


Guacamole ingredients

The ingredients were simple: Avocado, onion, garlic, tomato, salt and pepper, lime juice.


We aren’t huge onion fans here so I used less than half of the already small onion I picked out and diced it very small. I used jar garlic that I get at Aldi. I am so glad I discovered it. It’s great to use in cooking and keeps really well. To mash  the avocado I just used a potato masher it worked out really well.

Tip: To keep from getting pulp and seeds when squeezing lime or lemon juice keep the cut side face up and let the juice run down the sides and all the pulp and seeds stay inside.



Final product after sitting in fridge covered to let the flavors meld for about 30 mins

The verdict

Colton did try it even though he didn’t think he would like it. He didn’t like it but he was a good sport in trying it and helping me prepare it.

I liked it although I think I would either omit the onion or just grate some with a fine grater for the flavor. The crunch of the onion wasn’t a welcome texture with the creamy of the rest of the dish. Also it made quite a bit so i would either cut it down for just me or wait to make it for a gathering.

I would make this again though because it was really simple and easy and tasty too!



Let me know if you have any suggestions for a guacamole recipe or if you tried this one and liked it!


Until next time!


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