The perfect weekend

After our winter adventure at Potato Creek on Saturday I wasn’t quite done with adventure. So Sunday I picked up Peggy(Ellie, my mom) and we headed up to the great lake! I showed her this little spot that I had found a couple years back on my drive home from Grand Rapids. It was just this little public beach tucked away off the interstate there is a small section of public beach and about 10 parking spaces only. The rest is private beach for the residents. Its a neat spot!


The next spot we stopped for a pee break and a little a
Sweet snack and it took us past Andrews University which has this giant metal globe so we had to stop and take a look!



There is an arbor walk that we took a pamphlet for to come back at a later time.

Our original destination was the lighthouse located at Tiscornia Park and Pike Cove was located about 20 miles north. So we were making our way back to the park and decided to just stop off at random destinations. Turns out, there are a lot of random public beach spots along the lake shore. I much prefer these for lake watching than the crowded public beach counterparts.

Our next stop was Van Buren State Park. It has mostly walking trails through woods and up dunes and camping. We couldn’t see the camp sites because the road was blocked off but we plan on investigating them for camping this summer. The beach was quite a trek to get to but once we got there oh man!! Rock collectors paradise!!! There was very little sand it was mostly rocks. For us two this was the PERFECT spot!! Mom and I love collecting rocks from our travels and this was paradise! So many different colors but some of the bluest rocks I think I have ever saw. People left little rock clusters in various spots so of course we had to as well. We built a serenity tower of rocks from ones we chose we each did later after layer and then on each side we built one of our own. It was a really cool experience to do it together.


Our next spot we stumbled upon was Rocky Gap Park which wasn’t all that rocky. We commented that that would have been a better name for the Van Buren beach because of all the rocks. There wasn’t a whole lot to look at here but there were some pictures to be taken, of course!



We finally reached Tiscornia Park, our original destination. We were pretty underwhelmed. The lighthouse was being remodeled and the bridge was out so we couldn’t get up close to it. There wasn’t much of a beach just a mass of frozen ice that we thought was beach but upon closer inspection and me finding a soft spot in the snow, we found out that it was really a shelf of ice. We snacked some and took off to find food, tired from our other adventures. I’m glad we didn’t stop here first because it would have been quite the let down but since we had seen some pretty awesome spots throughout our earlier beach hopping adventures in the day we were quite satisfied with our trip. We explored the city a little bit and found some neat sculptures and a beautiful granite checker board. Just in time to sit and watch the sunset!


It ended up being the perfect weekend! I got to spend some quality time with my mom and on Saturday we were surrounded by trees and nature and on Sunday we were at the big lake. It was just perfect!


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