Adventures in Gardening- Part 1

I have always wanted to have gardens and flower beds ever since I was little. My mom is an avid gardener and was a florist for years so she was always playing with flowers and plants and we almost always had fresh veggies either from our own garden or from my grandma’s. My grandma had beautiful flower beds around their home and always took such great pride and care to maintain them. I have always wanted that but since we have lived on our own we have never really been in one place long enough to do so. There were already some flower beds at our first house that I maintained which had irises, Lilly of the valley, grape hyacinth, daffodils and tulips, and one single flower I refered to as a firework flower. It was beautiful and made me happy because it had some of my favorite flowers but none of it was my own and we never planned on staying there forever so I didn’t spend money adding to it. I did give some of the irises to my mother in law which is important for later.

Our second home we knew was just a temporary home so I didn’t do much there. There were some peony bushes and the back yard was overgrown and had wildflowers and queen Anne’s lace but no real beds.

Our third home which we thought would be Our forever home had some overgrown forgotten beds that I cleaned up and took care of but there wasn’t much. There wasn’t much yard. Summer came and I made myself a little vegetable garden from these miracle grow growables that I got on clearance. They worked great and were super easy to use. The problem was I got them too late and the fall chill and frost took over before I got to reap the benefits from my labor. But what was exciting was my mother in law gave me some irises from her garden that came from our first home. See I told you it would be important. Irises are some of my absolute favorite flowers and I was so happy to have some from her and from the ones from our first home. So when we found out we would be moving I dug them back up and brought them with us to our new home.

I have a feeling we will stay here for a while. We really like the trailer and the location isn’t bad. We’re kind of in the middle of where we need to be here; work and shopping and hopefully school when I go back. Now I am very excited here Because this is a new trailer and the location is a blank slate. No one has done any landscaping here. The only existing thing is a tree. So I have been anticipating the ground warming up so I can break ground and start really seeing my planning take form! I made a bed along the sidewalk that is home to my old irises and some bulbs that I got a couple years ago that may or may not grow but we will see! It was quite the work out breaking ground but I’m happy with how it has come along! 

Here are pictures so far!




I plan on taking pictures and keeping you all updated on my gardening adventure!

Until next time!


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