New recipe-Pesto Pasta & Italian Chicken

Tonight we tried a new meal idea. We have recently tried pesto and have enjoyed it. Normally I just make a regular chicken with it and call it done. Colton had the idea to do a marinated Italian chicken with pesto pasta as a side. We thawed some chicken and only had two small pieces so I baked the chicken with the Italian dressing. And cooked some rotini. After the rotini was done I drained it and tossed in some pesto I got from Aldi. We like this brand best because it didn’t seem as oily as the one we tried from Kroger. We shredded the chicken and tossed it in the pesto pasta. Boy oh boy was it tasty!! We rounded out dinner with some California blend veggies in the steam bag. I get them from Kroger and they cook perfectly and are only $1.
We will definitely make this again!!



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