Quick update

So it’s snowing today. I think mother nature is a little confused. I hope my seeds and plants will be safe that I just planted. I covered them with some plastic so we will see.

I got some more seeds at Dollar Tree today. 4 for $1 what?! I’m pretty excited. They are annuals so they will only bloom this year but I couldn’t pass up the deal!  I got a purple kneeling pad too!! Woo hoo! They also had seed starter cells now I just need some potting soil. Now if only the weather would agree with the season I could get out and plant!



I have a baby shower for a co-worker so I went out and got some stuff for her. Walking through the aisles of baby stuff was a little painful. Its hard to be around the stuff sometimes. To see all the cute stuff I’ll probably never be able to use. But I got her some practical bath stuff because even if other people get her that stuff, she will always need more! I got her a little nail care kit and a nail polish for herself too, momma needs a little love too 🙂 I put it all in a shower caddy because again, it’s very practical and I am useful like that. I also printed her out a bunch of diaper coupons. Is that cheap? I call it practical and oh so me. I love me some coupons! I actually had one for the pacifier I got for the baby and then of course forgot to use it. So I’ll give it to her because I’m sure she will need more!

Hawk was quite curious of the baby stuff

Anyway that’s my quick update for the weekend! Hope you are having a great one and didn’t get pranked too hard yesterday!

Until next time!


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