Nail Polish Special Find

So the nail polish gods were looking down on me today! I was looking for the elusive blue sugar crushin color from @sinfulcolors_official which I can’t find anywhere!! I got on their website to see who all sells sinful in my area. I was at Christmas tree shops and I saw the beautiful #amethyst which I love that stone and purple so it was perfect and I just had to have it. While at Bed Bath and Beyond which I was surprised that both stores carried it, I found this gem of a color rooting through the clearance bins. For those of you who don’t know me well the numbers 0927 are very important to me and pop up at random times and I always see them. It’s the day my great grandmother passed away and since Colton and I have been together the number has always popped up: bank account numbers,  social security number, bill accounts, the time, totals, etc. Not always in that date order but still I always notice. So I’m looking and I see shiny and immediately I like it. It’s kind of that peacock blue that I love and it’s glitter. Since I have started collecting sinful colors I have too many now to remember so Colton made me a spreadsheet of what number ones I have. Its been extremely helpful! So I turn the polish over to see the number and name to double check that I don’t have it and I see 927 Nail Junkie. I HAD TO HAVE IT. It was definitely and awesome find and it was on clearance and the only one. I showed Colton and he was like wow! 927 and nail junkie. Its perfect for you! So it and a pretty shade called unicorn, also in clearance came home with me from there 🙂


So here are amethyst with nail junkie French tip 🙂




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