Easy Chicken Pot Pie

This week is comfort food week apparently. Tonight I am making one of my favorite comfort meals that we make quite often: easy chicken pot pie. What you need for this easy meal is 2 cans cream of chicken soup, one 16 ounce bag of frozen mixed vegetables, a pound of chicken, and your favorite baking mix.

Start off by cooking the chicken. It speeds up the actual cooking time so the biscuit topping doesn’t burn. After the chicken is cooked dice or shred it. I find that shredding it makes it go a little farther and you get more chicken per delicious comforting bite.
While the chicken is cooking mix two cans of soup and your mixed vegetables. I buy the steerable bag and I pre cook them now because they get softer and more tender in the soup mixture but in a hurry I have added them in frozen.
After your chicken is cooked mix all but the baking mix together. The beauty about this is you can mix it up right in your baking dish and have less dishes. The size of the baking dish you use depends on the filling to biscuit ratio you prefer. I like a little more filling than biscuit so I make mine in my round deep 9 inch Pyrex. I have made it in a 9×13 pan as well but it seems to turn out a little more dry.
For the biscuit topping make yours according to the drop biscuit recipe on the box. I have made this so much now that I don’t measure I just pour it into a bowl and add my milk until I get the consistency I want. If you want a dry biscuit top use less milk. If you want a thinner topping use a little more milk so it spreads and cook slightly longer on a lower temp. Sometimes there is too much mixture from the filling that the biscuit doesn’t cook completely but it’s still safe to eat. One trick I have is don’t put the biscuit completely to the edge but leave a little breathing room. It lets some moisture breathe and it just gets so thick and yummy!


Cook on 375 for about 30 minutes til bubbly and biscuit top is golden brown. Then let stand about 10 minutes or til you can’t wait any longer. Enjoy!


What are you making for dinner tonight? Let me know! I would love to try your recipe and I hope you try mine.


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