I went to a movie alone for the first time ever

I did something for the first time ever in my life tonight. I went to a movie by myself I went to go see Me Before You and I tried to get friends to go with me and everybody was busy I wasn’t going to go but I decided to go anyway. The movie was about a caregiver taking care of a paralyzed man and it was a romantic comedy so of course they fell in love.

What I did was more than go see a movie. I realize even more so how much I love my husband. He’s my best friend. The one I can count on to do almost anything with and the one who never let me be alone. He was at work tonight so he couldn’t go with me to see the movie but I don’t think I would have it enjoyed it as much with out with him.  I don’t think my husband will ever be paralyzed but there may come a day we’re here relies on me for daily tasks. My husband has fibromyalgia and it’s hard for him to get around I sometimes get selfish and wish we could do the things that we used to be able to do when we were dating without him getting tired or not even sure if he can handle the walk or how it will affect him. I’ve never dealt with anything like that before and living with it sometimes has its struggles but he does more for me than I could ever do for him. He loves me more than I love myself and I don’t wear grow anything about the life I’ve chosen to live with him there may be a day where I do have to take care of him where he can’t do the things that he used to be able to do and I know it’s hard on him. I know that he wishes that he could do those things you know go to the amusement Park, walk around the zoo things like that. He wants to do those things more for me than for him and for that. I love him even more. There may be a day where I have to completely take care of him and I will and I will love him dearly and never regret anything when it comes to my life with my husband. I always have a companion, best friend, someone to talk to, someone to do things with.  Unless I want to, I’ll never have to go to a movie alone and for that I can’t thank him enough. I love you Colton!


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