Life has been a happy chaos

Hello everyone!
I realize I’ve not blogged in almost a month now and I am so sorry! I understand if I’ve lost readers or if you have been patiently waiting for a new post. I’m going to let you in on what’s been happening in my world the last month. Coincidentally I’m sitting outside in the beautiful morning writing this one as I did the last post. So without further adieu….
Previously on The Same Cat Lady’s life story…
June came and I was patiently awaiting my next set of hours at the bank where I work. There were none. Not we will get back to you and call you. Just no hours. In fact the response I got was “I don’t have any hours, Enjoy your vacation!” I was like you are kidding me right? There are 2 job openings for tellers at 2 different banks, our float teller was covering a maternity leave at another branch so she was pretty much tied up there, and you are telling me there are no hours. Sigh. “Ok.” is all I respond with. Now to be fair, I was going on vacation but I’ll get to that later. I went camping in a week long trip just my mom and I. A little back story, I was in an on call status because I had left the bank to go work at an office-what I want to do- and that didn’t work out so I came back but my position had been filled and there were no others at the time. So technically I had no base hours, they didn’t have to find me work. But I had been given steady work since I came back and didn’t have to rely on someone calling me. I came home and talked to Colton about it. My options were I could stay with the bank hoping someone would call off or they would need me somewhere or I could quit on good terms, cash out my 401k, and come back in 90 days of I wanted to. We chose the option where I have money coming. So I quit. Luckily my boss completely understood why and she let me be done that day after my shift so I got my 401k packet sooner. I didn’t have any more hours after that day anyway so I wasn’t loosing out. She marked me eligible for rehire too.

So after the initial shock of oh shit I’m quitting my job I got to packing for our camping adventure. I’m going to share a while separate blog post because this one is getting long already. But it was amazing perfect weather, perfect location right on the water, great camping neighbors, and great quality time with my mom. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip!

So the rest of the chaos has been jumping in full fledged with my photography again. Treating it as if it were my full time job. I took a year hiatus to decide if it was what I wanted to do and decided that my heart was missing a part of it. It’s my calling right now to help women realize just how beautiful they are.  That it doesn’t matter what size they are that they are beautiful right now and always and I want to help them see that. I also went through a rebranding these last few months. I went from being All Natural Boudoir to just being me, Madison Eads photographer. Your photographer. I want our sessions to be a personal experience and I want to be known as myself and for people to want to be photographed by me and not my studio. That has been most of what my time has been filled with. Working on another blog which I also have not spent much time on, creating the Facebook page, a private group, and contacting women to photograph them so that I can fill these things with new work that represents me. Luckily my latest work represents me as well but I don’t have many permissions to share because of the nature of the work. My Facebook page can be found by searching Madison Eads in the search bar and you can post to the page to be added to the women’s only private  group.

Quick garden update: not a lot to talk about. Things have either been eaten or got killed in the lack of rain or just didn’t even pop up. I came home from my trip to a mole trail at the end of my sidewalk garden ruining all of that. My tomato starts from my miracle growable had been eaten. I will say my broccoli is going strong and so are my green beans. I think a lot of my problems stemmed from not enough good soil. Which I wasn’t sure what I was working with here since it was all new. Next year or even maybe later this year I am going to get some bagged soil and pull out the mostly seeds from my garden and till that in and start fresh for next year. I wanted to get done fall bulbs anyway. It’s not all been a busy though. I came home to the daintiest pretty pink wildflower in my wildflower garden up front and new bulb sprouts from the dollar tree pack of bulbs I dodnt think would grow. So that was exciting. My flowers from my mother’s day project have grown and were looking beautiful on my return from camping as well. It’s been an adventure for sure. Watching them grow and patiently waiting for seedlings.

So again I know this is super duper long but I wanted to catch everyone up. I’m loving making my own time now. I just now need to get on a schedule for myself so I don’t neglect things such as this blog which I love dearly!

Til next time!
Madison Eads


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