When I feel like I need to recharge I go to the lake

I don’t know about you but to me being at the lake is more than catching some rays or cooling off. For me, being in the lake recharges me and today was no exception. I have been in a state of depression all week; uninspired, irritated, sad, and greatly lacking to motivation to do anything.

I went to the couple of lakes that Warsaw has to offer to try to get recharged but it didn’t seem to be enough to fully charge my battery so to speak. Some go to church to feel at peace and recharge their spirit but that’s just not me. I prefer to be in the water. I have always loved the water. I think I got it from my mom. I picked her up today and we had a mother daughter day because she said she too needed to be at the lake to recharge.  She even confirmed my love for the water ever since I was little. One of my favorite things is to feel the waves crash over me. To face the shore and have them crash over the back of me. She said I have loved that ever since I was a little one. Funny how there are some things we never outgrow as we get older and something like waves crashing over.

We got there and got settled and I headed into the water. I went out up to my chest, closed my eyes and breathed deep and let the waves crash over me and rejuvenate my soul. The beach can be full of people but I go out far enough and all I hear is the water and the wind. I listen to it like some listen to the pastor preach. I feel the waters energy and movement. I listen to it as it makes its way to the shore.  In the water I feel close to the spirits that created this world we live on. My skin tingles not because I’m cold but because the water both energizes and relaxes me. It is an experience that I can’t easily put into words and not many explain.

Most people are afraid of drowning, not me. I feel so connected to the water that if drowing is the way that I am supposed to die then I fully accept that. I have many fears but the water is not one of them. Today there was a strong tip current that pulled me out a few times but also pushed me to shore. The waves were very strong today but instead of rushing to the beach afraid I remained in the heart of them having them crash over me pushing and pulling. The energy of the water during high tide and strong waves was so rejuvenating.

I know it’s been a good day when on my drive home I am both sleepy but wide awake. As I am sitting here writing this I can still feel my body swaying in the water riding the waves. I feel happy. I have been recharged. I am rejuvenated.

What a beautiful day for the beach. We weren’t the only ones who thought so.
Windsurfer and Chicago skyline
The sun’s rays filtering through the clouds so beautifully
My mom and I having a great day!

The city of Chicago looks so small from here

Here is a video of the windsurfer. It was so neat to watch. The wind picked them out of the water without struggle. I just love how powerful the elements can be.


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