My honest Younique Review

I’m sure everyone has heard about younique if you are on social media or go to fairs and craft shows. Its everywhere! Their mission is simple but powerful to uplift and inspire women which is done with the profits from selling make up. I have a couple of friends who sell it and I recently partnered with one of them do a boudoir shoot using the products. After seeing the products and hearing the woman’s reaction I decided to try it for myself.  

The woman who came over for play time I mean to demonstrate her products is a friend so I knew I could give her honest feedback. She told me herself just because she sells it doesn’t mean that she even loved every single product. 

She laid everything out and told me to start with their moisturizer. It was thick and greasy feeling but you didn’t need a lot. I felt like I could have gone without since I am a little more on the oily side anyway but I wanted the full recommended experience. Next came the primer. It felt like I was running vasoline on my face. It was not pleasant. I even said this out loud. We both had a good laugh about it. She said it was supposed to be silky smooth. It wasn’t. Until the very end. As I kept rubbing I felt it get so silky smooth on my fingers. I wish it were that way from the start. What I did like about both products is you don’t need a whole lot.  

4 different foundations

We tested out all 4 foundation options that younique has: cream, powder, liquid, and bb . I wasn’t crazy about the cream. It felt thick and heavy. I liked the powder but didn’t offer as much coverage. The bb cream was nice but my favorite was the liquid. It had nice coverage and you really didn’t need to use a ton. I think we used 6 drops or so for my whole face. We also used the contour kit which was a lot easier than I thought it would be. There is a handy diagram right on the pallet. 

For my eyes I wanted to keep it more of a daytime look. I was going to a birthday party that afternoon outside and didn’t want to be super glam. We went with one of the pallets with the purple shades. I’m a sucker for purple and I was wearing grey so it worked out well. They had a really nice rich pigment to them. We used One of the cream shadows at my lash line for a little punch of color. I used the stick eyeliner in black. It was nice and smooth which is really important for application. The eyeliner was also nice and bold and the color concentrated which was nice. The look we did was super simple. Some highlight at my browline, a darker purple in my crease, and a nice shimmery purple on my lid then blend. 

I couldn’t try younique and not try their key product. The fiber mascara. It was a three step process. Gel-fibers-gel. It made a nice impact but not ever the top. It was a little heavy feeling which I wasn’t crazy about. I’m used to mascara but this was a little heavier but not as heavy as the one time I tried false lashes. Never doing that again. She instructed me to start the fibers mid way on my lashes not at the base. That way I didn’t get any in my eye which I found out later on hurts! My eyes naturally curl so I didn’t need to use a curler but you could have if you need it.  

We did half of my face first to see a difference. It was quit the difference. 

I went to the birthday party later and it was outdoors. I was a little dissatisfied with the staying power of the foundation. It never seemed to dry and I was just sweating it off. I actually ended up just wiping it off. What I was impressed with was my eye make up was quite intact with no creases which is a rare thing for my normal eye makeup on the heat. 

When washing my face the mascara wasn’t budging and I believe I ended up with the fibers in my eye because it started burning. I have to commend the staying power of the eye make up but I would have preferred it come off a little easier. 

Overall I would like to give the foundation another try without the moisturizer to see if that helps the staying power. I was really impressed with the eye shadow. 


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