Saying goodbye is hard

Today we took our family dog to the vet to end his suffering. It was so hard because of course he was cheerful and curious and had some pep in his step. I have been out on my own for 7 years now and I don’t see his daily suffering like my mom does. He was lab rott and husky and a big old man. Pup lived to be 15 years old which for a dog of his size is a long time.

We have had pup since he was a pup. He got his name because we didn’t know what to name him but didn’t want to all call him something different so we wrote down stuff and drew out pup. It was only supposed to be temporary but it stuck and fits him so well. He was my first and only dog and he was so much fun. Doing fun puppy things, taking him on walks and car rides peeing on everything. When he got older I would put him on a leash and he would run with me while I ride my bike. We only crashed a few times. 

He was our family protector. He made his rounds at the end of the night. He would check on my brother Noah then come to my room before retiring at the foot or sometimes doorway of mom’s room. He did this every night til we got older but still always slept and protected mom. 

He never really played fetch because he enjoyed tugging more than fetching. Two socks knotted together was one of his favorite things. He played under the covers like a cat would and would chase your hand. 

Pup loved wearing shirts. We put one on him once and he didn’t want us to take it off! As he got older and more cold during winter mom put sweaters, human not dog, on him and he just loved it. 

 Pup didn’t give lots of kisses because we trained him not to because we didn’t like it. To get one you made a kiss sound and touched your cheek and then it was just a little lick not a full  slobbery tongue. You did leave with dog hair because he loved being at your side for pets at any opportunity. 

Everyone that met pup just loved him. Even my aunt who was scared of him because he growled at her when she came into the house when mom was in the hospital. He was just protecting his home. He never lunged or bit but he sounded pretty ferocous. He just had a great demeanor about him. Even in this last year through sad eyes of pain he still radiated love and loyalty. 

I regret not spending more time with him in these years I have been out of the house and I wish I had more photos of him when he was younger but I do have memories. 

His health and pain were becoming more and more apparent on the last few months. Having problems making it outside to go to the bathroom, he was no longer able to get up into mom’s bed, he spent most of his day sleeping if he was able to get down that day or he would just flop down because he was in to much pain to lay down smoothly. He has gotten more and more grey fur just like a human and get catarats and was loosing his hearing. We spent the morning loving on him and feeding him slim jims, one of his favorites.

Today was a hard day to let our Pup go but his quality of life wasn’t there anymore and he let mom know in his own way last night that it was time. I hope he is peeing on every post of the rainbow bridge because that’s how it would be When he was alive. I hope that you find your friends Buddha and Mini Mae and my first cat Avie. I hope you are all jumping on fallen trees in the woods and chasing birds. You are no longer in pain and there is comfort in that. I love you pup-er-dog. You were the best dog a girl could ask for. 

Even in his old age he still had moments of puppy like behavior


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