Dear Brain, you are confusing.

It’s currently midnight when most everyone is sleeping and I’m wide awake and my creative juices are flowing. I have learned to optimize sizing for my blog and social media, I have picked out photos for my boudoir business and written blogs. At 7pm I could barely keep my eyes open but I needed to stay awake and now I could be up for hours.  My brain is so confusing. They say creatives are night owls and I’m really starting to believe it. I can sit at the computer with my fingers on the keys to type up an article for my blog at night and just have the words flow out and my thoughts clear. I can come up with great marketing ideas and sessions that I want to do. Do the same during the day during “working” hours and I draw a blank.

In the morning I wake up and I’m usually still groggy and I can’t get going and as the day goes on I start waking up only to get really tired at about 6pm and then when I don’t give in to that sleepiness it’s like I forfeit being able to fall asleep til after midnight. I have tried a few different things: staying busy all day, working in spurts, making myself get up early after being up late, sleeping in, avoiding electronics, I’ve tried several different things with no real relief.

I don’t know why my brain is so confused. It’s like it doesn’t know how to shut off when I need it to. When I don’t mean to I can zone out no problem. I try to meditate and I just can’t seem to shut it off. I get so jealous of my husband who can fall asleep within minutes of laying down.

So if anyone has any recommendations on regulating a sleep pattern I would surely appreciate it! I would google it now but I know that I would just end up being up for another 2 hours. SO I’m going to try to not think about it and leave it to do for the next day, during the day.

Until Next time!



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